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Accelerator and Automate Workshop

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-Creating Contact List 

-Strategy on how to get your contacts moved over to a subscription model

-Email Subscription (set up) and promoting 



-Newsletters (creating) 

-Automation (scheduling) 

 -Texting Services 


We will be using and training by kajabi, but after learning you can use the software or platform of your choice. Coach Kebie will also share FREE platforms in the workshop.

What is kajabi?    https://app.kajabi.com/r/4LFTFjec



How do we learn? Workshop Style; it is live, interactive and we collaborate. We will meet via zoom.


What is zoom? Zoom is a FREE platform for you to connect, see Coach Kebie's screen. You simply click a link and join. 


Will sessions be recorded? Yes 


How long can I review the recordings at coachkebie.com? 6 Months, however if you continue in to the Mastermind the access is lifetime


Refunds? There are no refunds. Please discuss with Coach Kebie privately if you are not satisfied; as the Bible says “go to the person to work out differences, not other people" or social media.


Coach Kebie will work with everyone and truly wants you to WIN. 



Additional Information 

The Accelerator Workshop is live via zoom, and you may have up to 3 re-takes. 

These are highly technical skills, and may be "foreign" to most people. I want you to leave this workshop ready to WIN!  


The workshop is available ON DEMAND as well. You may log in to coachkebie.com and in the your Library for Accelerator Workshop, the recordings are available to you for 6 months. 


Coach Kebie will encourage everyone after the Accelerator Workshop to go apply the knowledge/skills and come back for Q/A and collaboration group session after couple of weeks. This will be included in the Accelerator Workshop. 


The Accelerator Workshop is for Business Owners who want to OWN THEIR BUSINESS, OWN THEIR CONTACT LIST and serve their networks. It is for BUSINESS OWNERS who want to manage their own data and space. 


The Accelerator Workshop will be A HOW TO DO IT skill based training. Coach Kebie will not manage data for you. Coach Kebie is not your social media manager. Coach Kebie will teach you how to MANAGE YOUR DATA and own your space and contact list.


NOTE** The Accelerator Workshop Serves: ALL INDUSTRIES and ALL COMPANIES. 


Recommended after the Accelerator Mastermind next ... details provided in Q/A Collaboration Meetings.


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