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"I enrolled to take the Breakthrough Coaching because I had taken Kebie’s Social Media Class and learned so much from her. I knew that I wanted to take the next course because I loved Kebie’s coaching technique and knew I needed the course to take my business to the next level. The various topics that were going to be covered were areas that I knew I required additional knowledge and growth. These areas included making my vision clear, learning duplication, organizational skills, time management and enhancing my communications skills. I’d like to add that these skills are not only applicable to your business, but these are life skills! I learned so much more than I was expecting! Much more! I came to understand that all of the subjects were interrelated. For example, when you have a clear vision, it helps to communicate with others. When you are organized, it helps with time management. There are many new skills that I learned that I am applying to my business. One of which are the communications skills. Ask questions and learn about the individual. This creates trust. Through building report, it has allowed me to really find out the needs of the individual. Remember, we are problem solvers. It’s about them, not me. I was always so uncomfortable asking for the sale prior to Kebie’s coaching. But now I’ve learned how to ask for the order. One of the topics covered that intrigued me was about learning personalities. Not only about how to determine the personality of an individual, but how to communicate with that individual and understand how they are wired, how they think, what they like or dislike. That information can make or break a deal. This is a valuable learning tool, as it has opened up my eyes about my own personality as well. I have to add that the timing for me was right on point for one of Kebie’s exercises. You see, Kebie had us rewrite our contact list. My current list was in a spiral notebook that was just starting to fall apart. And I was at the point where I needed to re-write it. Kebie’s way of writing the list, not only saves time, but keeps me organized. Just that one area helped me tremendously. Well, I’m not going to give you any more details…you’ll have to find out for yourself! But on a serious note, if you are in business and want to take it to the next level, I recommend taking Kebie’s coaching class. This coaching can help you in all areas of life, especially if you serve in any leadership capacity. I’ve been able to use the skills that I’ve learned in my personal life and at work. You see, when you have the appropriate tools, you can succeed. "

Dana Taylor Bell
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