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REBOOT Art of Social Media 

REBOOT is an online workshop dedicated for 6 weeks of layered learning. You will learn the do's and don't's and how to manage your own social media. Learn the basics and fundamentals that work. Kebie shares updated, proven social media strategies that work. Kebie teaches what she does in the field herself, and will help you put in to practice what you learn.

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Inner Circle Membership 

Membership is $23 

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Breakthrough Training and Coaching 

Breakthrough Training is an 8-week INTENSE training with weekly small group coaching sessions that will catapult your confidence. The training will equip you with personal growth and mindset toughness that will help you in any Business! Personalized group sessions offer collaboration and accountability with like-minded people and a place to network and learn. This coaching will pull you out of your comfort zone, as we will do hands-on activities that support the training you learn each week. This allows you to put things in to practice and action.


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Branding Training and Coaching

Branding Training is a 8 week workshop with Coach Kebie. All training is recorded for lifelong access. 

In this course you will learn how to build your brand effectively without spending hours on graphics or thousands of dollars on advertising.

Mission: My mission is to have you MOVING online, growing your personal brand.

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