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WOW a $3000 refund - Creating Culture is the #1 Best thing I did for my Business

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2020

Check out the video testimonial! Helen received $3000 back in a tax refund she would have not received if she had not taken this training: Creating Culture & Duplication.

“Creating Culture Coaching” is an 6 week Training and Coaching Program that will walk you through how to train your New Distributor’s, create duplication and create culture in your organization. Also, you will feel confident on using the system and cycle sheets and you will develop posture and confidence.


This coaching program will help you master the system: pique, pass, plug, promote and orient new Distributor’s.

The mission of Creating Culture is to have you training your Team; implementing you own Training Videos and Leading your own Group Sessions.


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Optimize Your Performance Working From Home

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2020

“Optimize Your Performance”   Work From Home                                                         

Mission of the class: I want to help you break free from anything holding you back from building your Business/Job from home.


What does optimization mean? “To make the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource”


Why this class will benefit you? The only way to overcome fear is to hire a coach who will call you to a higher place. I will equip you with the skill you need to manage your time while working from home. I will help you recognize your fears or barriers and help you break free. I will help you find balance while working from...

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