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Do not give up on yourself or an Industry over people!

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2023

June 20, 2023

This picture was taken in Washington DC around this time last year.
My mind goes back to this awesome time we had .... and the same time ... an event in my life that was absolutely traumatic.


I had just found out the Company I was aligned with shut down and owed many people thousands of dollars. I was so sad. I had lost trust and faith in people and network marketing. Not only did they NOT PAY the field, the Owners were lying about next steps, gaslighting us and it was very disgusting.

I won't mention names openly, but feel free to message me as I will share my story. My hope is that these people never harm anymore people again.

Here is what this picture reminds me of though ... I had a few days in Washington with my kids to ponder and soul search. I could have given up on the industry .... I could have focused on all of the bad stuff that comes along with Business and being an Independent Distributor in the Network Marketing space. I could have washed my hands...

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I want to help you BREAK FREE from the stop and stare ~ dazed and confused

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023
I met with a Leader this week and he said: "I am going to build a little different that most people do in network marketing."
I said OK ... "I don't care how people build ... just BUILD!" :) And I asked .... "tell me how you are going to build."
He went on to share ways he will connect with his community and expressed he had an email subscription list of over 10,000 followers that were very active.
I said this is music to my ears because I have been teaching, training and literally preaching how we need EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION ... EVERYONE in Business ... EVERYONE! Even network marketers.
***When we take our Business seriously, it will take care of us****
YES we have to invest in to our Business
-that means learning skill sets
-investing in software/apps that help us online
-if anyone tells you not to do that, clearly they are not earning more than 6 figures I promise that
Think about this ... this guy joins and because he put in the work of building and...
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It is time to move offline and build a platform you own!

Uncategorized May 26, 2023

Carole completed the Accelerator Workshop!  Carole is a Certified Health Coach, Fitness Instructor and a network marketer. She loves health and wellness and serving her Customers and Clients. Carole has a Group on Facebook that she has dumped her brains and soul in to, and wanted a place she owned in case groups were turned off. She also has witnessed being locked out of groups and glitchy things on Facebook. Carole was looking to for a software that she could own her own space, build her contacts and actually understand how to do it.  The Accelerator Workshop made sense to her. Carole is also excited about her newsletters, opt in campaigns and building her group coaching programs. Carole shared with me she is going to be offering courses through her platform to be able to work with Clients all around the world, and she is so excited.


Congrats Carole Nier!


Lei completed the Accelerator Workshop and has partnered with me in the Mastermind. Lei...

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Online Network Marketers ... I am speaking truth!

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2023

I have followed people too long who diminished coaches and trainers, and I want to set the record straight today.

It is disgusting that I even went along with the idea that people in Business don’t need websites, or training … we hear just go recruit … recruit …. Recruit YEA Whatever … people have to get better and optimize their skills in order for LEADERS TO FOLLOW THEM.

How do we attract high level Leaders, when we are not performing as a high-level Leader?
IT WILL NOT HAPPEN … that is the truth!

This means we must develop PROFESSIONAL SKILL! It means we must continue to work on ourselves. It means we may have to pay for a training class or hire a Coach!

And yes mindset is important too, that is required … and so is SKILL!

FREE IS FREE – watching a reel by Ed Mylett is not the same as retaining a Coach/Trainer.
Watching John Maxwell on you tube does not count as personal development FREE IS FREE …
We have to pay...

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What are 3 things that set you a part from other people I could hire to train, coach or consult me?

Uncategorized May 08, 2022
Hey Coach Kebie
"What are 5 things that set you a part from other people I could hire to train, coach or consult me?"
Number 1) I do the work I ask other people to do! I don't have it all figured out, but we fill figure it out together! I am a field Leader. I am building network marketing and I affiliate for many Companies. I am building my Coaching Programs and automating coaching time. I am on social media, just like you, field testing and measuring what works, and what does not work. I do not buy Ads and I don't have "sponsors or investors" giving me money either. The hustle is REAL! 
Number 2) I am a "consultant first!" You bring me an issue and I will show you how to restore, repair or fix it. You bring me something you want and I will give you a BLUEPRINT to go get it. "Coaches" ask questions like "what are your goals" and let you fill it the blanks. Probably some smoke and mirrors crap they learned in a class to get a "certification," but that...
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Staying positive and happy in hard times

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2022

We are constantly exposed to negativity, whether it is coming fro m Family, Friends, Co-Workers or Media (TV) it is there. We must get very good at FILTERING thoughts, noise, and especially words that can take root in our minds.  Not only what we are LISTENING TO, but what are we speaking in to our lives? I want to take a minute today to share with you,  “the power of words.”

We speak our lives in to existence.

The bible says in Proverbs 18:21

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.”

We have the remote control to what we take in and out of our minds. We can filter our thoughts, but more importantly we can stop the thought by not speaking it in to our life.

If there are negative voices around us, we can turn the channel so to speak. We have the remote control our life.

Once a negative thought enters: do not speak it. Speaking the negative thought gives life to it. Repeating negativity and gossip...

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WOW a $3000 refund - #CCC University New Distributor Training is the #1 Best thing I did for my Business

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2020

Check out the video testimonial! Helen received $3000 back in a tax refund she would have not received if she had not taken this training: Creating Culture & Duplication.

#CCC University is Sales Training that will walk you through creating lists and moving in to action. There are over 52 weeks of  training content dripped in this course. 

One of the trainings feature GETTING PREPARED FOR YOUR ACCOUNTANT. This is what helped Helen get a big fat refund. 

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