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Do not give up on yourself or an Industry over people!

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2023

June 20, 2023

This picture was taken in Washington DC around this time last year.
My mind goes back to this awesome time we had .... and the same time ... an event in my life that was absolutely traumatic.


I had just found out the Company I was aligned with shut down and owed many people thousands of dollars. I was so sad. I had lost trust and faith in people and network marketing. Not only did they NOT PAY the field, the Owners were lying about next steps, gaslighting us and it was very disgusting.

I won't mention names openly, but feel free to message me as I will share my story. My hope is that these people never harm anymore people again.

Here is what this picture reminds me of though ... I had a few days in Washington with my kids to ponder and soul search. I could have given up on the industry .... I could have focused on all of the bad stuff that comes along with Business and being an Independent Distributor in the Network Marketing space. I could have washed my hands of it all .... but my children reminded why I would not do that.

I decided to focus on the good. There was much more good the Industry had brought my family than bad. Only a few bad apples everywhere we go, right.

Over the next couple of weeks (last year), I decided I was going to CONTINUE to Coach and no one or NO COMPANY will tell me otherwise. I had positions in other companies I was not building, so I evaluated them and activated my memberships. I started to realize that my multiple streams of income had decreased, because of the trauma I had suffered at the hands of malicious people.

Exactly, one year later I am with 13 streams of income. 

It will take time, but you can build Business around your goals and why you are doing what you are doing. We do not have to stay in Companies we are no longer aligned with and we do not have to continue to work with people who have bad intent, however that is not a reason to write off the Industry.  

Also, we should not put our eggs in one basket. Scripture tells us to have multiple streams as a season of famine will come across the land. Ecclesiastes 11:2

I believe in my heart that all of these terrible experiences taught me to rise as the Leader people need right now. I can also offer multiple things because there is not a one size fits all (or one Company fits all). 

As more and more Companies will shut down, and more people will be effected by the ramifications of the economy, people will need us more than ever in the Industry of Network Marketing. I am here waiting for you, just reach out!

~Your Business Partner and Friend,


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