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I want to help you BREAK FREE from the stop and stare ~ dazed and confused

Uncategorized Jun 07, 2023
I met with a Leader this week and he said: "I am going to build a little different that most people do in network marketing."
I said OK ... "I don't care how people build ... just BUILD!" :) And I asked .... "tell me how you are going to build."
He went on to share ways he will connect with his community and expressed he had an email subscription list of over 10,000 followers that were very active.
I said this is music to my ears because I have been teaching, training and literally preaching how we need EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION ... EVERYONE in Business ... EVERYONE! Even network marketers.
***When we take our Business seriously, it will take care of us****
YES we have to invest in to our Business
-that means learning skill sets
-investing in software/apps that help us online
-if anyone tells you not to do that, clearly they are not earning more than 6 figures I promise that
Think about this ... this guy joins and because he put in the work of building and promoting a subscribe list of over 10,000 people (over time) ... it will be easy to press a button and sow the seeds of his new Company/Products.
I hope you all hear me loud and clear, for your Business's sake ... we gotta be building email subscription.
Here is an OPT IN I built - in 5 days, over 200 people have visited (see screen shot) and 112 people have opened and actually took park (engaged). I am all about proof and transparency.
Build NOW with kajabi - (trusted Company I have used for over a decade):
Learn to build ... don't just stop and stare ... learn the basics in the Accelerator Workshop on how to actually BUILD your kajabi. Message me for details on this Workshop; if you want in. We run them at different days/times.  
Also, I have helped many people get up and running- you can see these references here:
Feel this Opt In (example)
As you can see, I m not playing ... I will help you break free! Stop the daze ... there is no confusion in Business when we have a plan and strategy; and then we actually IMPLEMENT it. 
~Coach Kebie

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