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Online Network Marketers ... I am speaking truth!

Uncategorized Apr 29, 2023

I have followed people too long who diminished coaches and trainers, and I want to set the record straight today.

It is disgusting that I even went along with the idea that people in Business don’t need websites, or training … we hear just go recruit … recruit …. Recruit YEA Whatever … people have to get better and optimize their skills in order for LEADERS TO FOLLOW THEM.

How do we attract high level Leaders, when we are not performing as a high-level Leader?
IT WILL NOT HAPPEN … that is the truth!

This means we must develop PROFESSIONAL SKILL! It means we must continue to work on ourselves. It means we may have to pay for a training class or hire a Coach!

And yes mindset is important too, that is required … and so is SKILL!

FREE IS FREE – watching a reel by Ed Mylett is not the same as retaining a Coach/Trainer.
Watching John Maxwell on you tube does not count as personal development FREE IS FREE …
We have to pay people for their time to download years of experience and expertise in to us.

Also, every good Coach knows that learning is in layers, so it takes time to build and retain (work muscles) to perfect skill and stable emotional health. There is no overnight success. We can't read one book and change.

For many years, I followed a long with these narratives, in fear of being bullied, but today I am coming out of the closet to TELL YOU THE TRUTH!

Network Marketer’s, Direct Seller’s, MLM-er’s, Affiliate Marketer’s etc ….. DO NEED personal websites, newsletters, subscription buttons, assessments and forms etc …. In order to earn 6-figures or more.

Look around … study your competition … The BIG BOYS AND GIRLS making that money have these things!
They are skilled and they have hired people to help them!

I built mine 10 years ago, despite what they said, because I knew in my gut what it took to run a Business.
I ordered my platform and spent 6 months learning and building it ground up.
I have a website, newsletters; I built an Academy for my Network Marketing Team, I have coaching and training drips, I have a blog and testimonials.

I am so blessed to finally be aligned with a Company that says OWN YOUR BUSINESS not the old spooky things in MLM. My President teaches skill. We have to get better and enhance our self professionally.

It is my belief that we DO need websites that build our brands and show who we are, and how people can contact us.

We do need a subscribe button … so people can follow us, and not just on social media.

Last, and most importantly we need a SPACE WE OWN to dump our creativity, because let’s face it … if social media platforms disappear … what will do with all of the content we built?
OH MY GOSH and all of this creativity and innovation (and time) we put dumping this into Facebook Groups is getting buried … no one is seeing it!! I can show you how to DRIP YOUR CREATIVITY OUT and put it on a scheduler where you are doing what you love to do, while your clients and customers are being poured in to.

Build it once, and it keeps dripping out …. And your brain dumps (creativity) is stored in a space you OWN. It can’t be censored or removed.

Here are the options:

1) Order platform – learn on your own, watch help videos and build that sucker like I did ~Free and God bless you … I recommend you ask for prayers
2) Come into my Accelerator Workshop and I will carve out loads of time for you 

I would love to partner with you! Note** this is not coaching – this is learning to BUILD A PLATFORM!
3) Hire Someone to help you develop/build a platform ~$5000- $10,000
4) Retain services from the platform to show you how to build ~$3000-$6000
5) Have someone build it for you ~ $10,000 to start

The platform that I have used for over a decade is #Kajabi 
I trust them and it is the most user friendly … also it is one stop shop
-Products for Training Programs (drips)

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