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What are 3 things that set you a part from other people I could hire to train, coach or consult me?

Uncategorized May 08, 2022
Hey Coach Kebie
"What are 5 things that set you a part from other people I could hire to train, coach or consult me?"
Number 1) I do the work I ask other people to do! I don't have it all figured out, but we fill figure it out together! I am a field Leader. I am building network marketing and I affiliate for many Companies. I am building my Coaching Programs and automating coaching time. I am on social media, just like you, field testing and measuring what works, and what does not work. I do not buy Ads and I don't have "sponsors or investors" giving me money either. The hustle is REAL! 
Number 2) I am a "consultant first!" You bring me an issue and I will show you how to restore, repair or fix it. You bring me something you want and I will give you a BLUEPRINT to go get it. "Coaches" ask questions like "what are your goals" and let you fill it the blanks. Probably some smoke and mirrors crap they learned in a class to get a "certification," but that is not me at all.  I get down in the trenches with you. I customize a plan for YOU. I don't have any certifications by the way. I have the real life work of hard knocks! BOOT STRAPPING IT!
And yes, I do ask those "coaching questions," but then I SHOW YOU HOW to go crush the thing. That is why I am different.
Number 3) I will not take your money and watch you DO NOTHING. I will call you out! You deserve to win, and if you don't go do it, or if you don't listen, I will void the contract.
Number 4) I believe in bringing God in the Marketplace. If we keep our Lord Jesus Christ first, He will bless us abundantly. Everything I teach you will have Him in center. 
Number 5) I will help you balance. Priority management is my jam. 
Let's do this together! Ready to jump ALL IN? Click here:
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